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Tree and Shrub Care 

At Tree-n-Turf, all our tree and shrub applications are customized to fit your plant's specific needs. Beyond just the insect or disease problem, there are many factors we take into account when determining how to treat your trees and shrubs.  Some of the factors we look at include: proximity to homes and garages,  watering and irrigation, type of soil, soil compaction, species of trees or shrubs, shade / sun conditions, surrounding plant types to name a few.  We make recommendations basic on what we see and propose a treatment program to achieve plant health. 

Tree-n-Turf takes pride in keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, from the products we apply, to the equipment we use. All our tree and shrub care equipment is specially designed, fabricated and dedicated towards our tree and shrub treatment program.   


Tree-n-Turf has the ability and expertise to deliver nutrients to your trees and shrubs through deep root feeding, foliar feeding, and direct injection feeding. Each type of application has its place and will be determined when evaluating plants and property.

Deep root feeding is accomplished through using a root feeder to deliver fertilizer and desired nutrients directly into soil.  This allows the plant's root system to take up and deliver nutrients as needed by plant.  Deep root feeding helps boost and maintain plants overall health through longer periods of time.  This application is great for establishing newly planted or transplanted trees and shrubs to increase plant health, reduce stress and increase survival rates.

Direct injection feeding is accomplished through injecting a concentrated nutrient solution directly into the trunk of your tree.  The solution enters directly into the phloem and xylem layers of the trunk and carried throughout the tree.  There are several methods of direct injection Tree-n-Tree utilizes depending on application and tree needs. 

Foliar feeding is accomplished by spraying nutrient solution directly onto the plant's leaf structure.  This prompts a quick reaction and benefit to plant health and is not as long lasting as other methods.  This is often used when there is a nutrient or micronutrient deficiency that needs to be corrected.

Insect and Fungus Control

Tree-n-Turf has the ability and expertise to deliver insect and fungus disease control for your trees and shrubs.  Insect and fungus disease applications are designed to control pests and diseases that can harm, defoliate, deform, or kill our plants.  If you have had insect or disease problems in the past, we can set up a preventative program to help protect your trees and shrubs.  If you are currently experiencing an insect or a disease problem, we can recommend a curative program to get the problem under control.  Listed below are some common insect or disease problems Tree-n-Turf treats:

Insect or Fungus Disease                Plant Treated                  
Bronze Birch Borer                         Birch trees                     
Emerald Ash Borer                         Ash trees
Two-lined Chestnut Borer           Oak trees 
Aphids                                                 Ash, Lindens and Viburnums to name a few
Pine Bark Beetles                           Norway pines
Gypsy Moth                                       Aspen and Oaks
Pine Tip Moth                                   White Pines
White Pine Weevil                          White Pines
Scale                                                    Oaks, Rose, Ash, Maple, Pines and Spruce to name a few
Apple Scab                                        Apple and Crabapple trees
Dutch Elm Disease                         Elm trees
Bur Oak Blight                                 Bur Oaks
Oak Wilt                                             Oaks trees  
Blight                                                  Many different blights infect many trees
Powdery Mildew                            Oaks, Ash, Maples and Lilac to name a few                                     



Tree-n-Turf offers small tree and shrub pruning, shaping, and hedge trimming.  This will keep your plants growing healthy, strong and looking great all season long!

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